Insolvency Management

Let Purity help the Credit Crunch be more of a Wispa…


Insolvency Management

As IT experts we can offer a range of services from pricing and evaluating IT equipment to the wiping of sensitive data from hard drives so they can be sold at auction. We also offer a fully managed service which offers a complete package when dealing with IT collection and sales.

Having dealt with companies of all sizes from sole traders to large companies, such as Grant Thornton, we have the experience and knowledge to excel with any task given to us.


Are you left with a load of IT equipment you do not know what to do with?

Are you unsure what the equipment is worth?

Are you unclear how to sell it and maximise profit?

Are you not sure what the equipment is and what it can do?

Are you afraid that the data stored on the computer may fall into the wrong hands?

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