Managed Computer Services

Purity provides quality computer management services and support to ensure that all our clients enjoy the full benefits of their IT systems.


Managed Computer Services

Our staff are always on hand to advise on any business plans involving IT expansion, development or amendments so we can diagnose and resolve potential problems before they arise.

Purity technicians will carry out regular IT appraisals and inspections to check components, security and back-up facilities to make sure everything works as well as it should.

bCertain 24/7 Monitoring

Online Backup

bCertain 24/7 Monitoring

Most IT disasters can be avoided through careful planning, investment and regular maintenance of IT infrastructures, however they do still happen.

If your business has suffered an IT emergency, then we understand you need to get up and running as soon as possible.

If you have experienced an IT Disaster then please
• contact us immediately
• do not attempt to restore/copy/move any data yourself
• if you cannot see any data on your media, then there are specialist forensic companies within the UK   that we work with. They can recover the majority of data from most types of media

In the event of a complete disaster Purity will work to recover and rebuild your system as fast as possible.

If you want to review your Disaster Recovery plan then speak to us about Purity’s latest backup software which will have your server and business backup and running within 3 hours – guaranteed.

Our staff have considerable experience in IT rescue operations and possess the skills which could save your business from commercial disaster.

Online Backup

Every company should have a properly organised backup plan with all essential data protected.

Most companies realise this and most companies have had a painful experience in the past with lost data, therefore most companies do have decent backups in place.

We have access to the very latest backup technology that has arrived from the USA. We are very passionate and excited about this. Why? Because we get stressed out along with clients if they have any type of disaster, if you’ve been there wondering if your server is actually going to come back to life, and asking when was the last time your backup tape was changed and is there any data on it…… then you’ll know what a nail biting time that is.

Purity’s latest backup software will have your server and business backup and running within 3 hours – guaranteed.

A little note – in our experience it takes about 2 to 3 days to get a business fully operational using standard Backup Exec and tapes. Some businesses can live with that, but if yours can’t then contact us for a FREE trial.

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