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Purity works alongside several specialist companies providing additional expertise and services


Our associates have specialities which we believe complement our IT services and could be of benefit to our clients.


Document Management

Client Relationship Management CRM

Business Process Re-engineering




Computer Hardware

Document Management

In keeping with our policy of helping clients to obtain the most cost effective and productive use of their IT systems we have associates who specialise in document management and IT filing systems.

In a few hours they can help you cut down on unnecessary duplication of effort and improve productivity.



At Purity we believe in saving money and energy.

The use of a custom designed database which pulls together all your client information and contact details provides a major step in reducing wasted time and effort.

We can provide suitable web-based software for contact relationship management which would, at a stroke, end the duplication of effort and double keying.

Our system will enable all your staff to share the details they need to know. Everything from names and numbers to customer orders and history can be kept on record, cross-referenced and easily accessed at any time.

Business Process Re-engineering

Even in the most efficient businesses habits form and working methods become outdated or over-complicated.

At Purity we can provide much more than an over-haul of your IT system by streamlining how your business, and not just the IT network, is used.

Over time most companies will expand or evolve, and their once highly effective work practices can become confused or complicated.

We can arrange for experts to streamline methods and processes to make sure that everything works as well as your computer systems.



Planning for improved communications can be more complicated than is often appreciated.

Our experts have considerable experience in marrying IT with various forms of fixed and mobile telecommunications systems.

Problems identified and resolved at an early stage can prevent problems and save both time and money.

We can advise on the supply, installation and maintenance of your communications equipment, ensuring a guaranteed, reliable relationship between hardware and software to meet all your voice and data requirements.



At Purity we can help your company achieve the best possible broadband package for your needs.

By understanding your company’s requirements, the capabilities of your IT system and what’s available on the market our experts can advise on ways of improving the quality of your existing ISP.


Almost every business has an internet presence, but a badly designed website can be worse than not having one at all.

Through our associates we can offer web design, programming, support and consultancy on all aspects of the internet.

Typically, the number of website visitors who become customers is less than one per cent and it takes just 1/20th of a second for most people to form a first impression of your company from your website.

Our experts can help you make the adjustments and introduce just a little strategic thinking to improve visitor conversion rates to 20 per cent or more.

Computer Hardware

Setting up new hardware to existing office systems is not always as straightforward as it could be.

Our experts can help set up, advise on specifications, delivery and co-ordination of all new IT hardware to make sure that your system can cope.

A little planning with the aid of our technicians could prevent irritating problems and save both time and money.

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