Privacy Policy

This privacy policy is about how we use and protect your personal information. We may amend this policy from time to time. When that happens, we’ll publish the amended version on our website.

If you would like any more information, or have any comments or questions about our privacy policy, write to us at The Data Team, PurityIT 20 Payne Street Glasgow G4 0LF, or email us at .

Your Personal Information

  1. How we collect it

Whenever you apply for our products or services or request a quote through our website, we collect some personal data about you. This may include your name, date of birth, address, contact details (including your email address and contact telephone number), payment information, and any other information about you and your property in respect of which services and products may be provided.  We will also collect data from you if you contact us, for example to enquire about our services or report a repair, and keep a record of any contact (including by telephone or email) to ensure we are providing you with a good service, and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities.

We do this to improve the quality of services to our customers, and it is also important that we maintain accurate data about them so that we can guard against unauthorised disclosure of personal details to third parties.

Whenever we ask you to provide personal details, and the reason isn’t obvious, we will always explain why.

When we first ask you for your personal information- or when you get a new service or product from us- we’ll give you the opportunity to tell us if you want to receive information from us about our other products and services. It will normally be a box to tick on an application form or contract.

If you change your mind you can opt out of marketing at any time- just write to us at PurityIT 20 Payne Street Glasgow G4 0LF, or email

  1. How we’ll use your information

2.1 Your personal information will be used by us, our employees and agents to:

  • Give you the services you have asked for (which might include the loyalty and incentive schemes we run from time to time)
  • Assess eligibility for services and products (whether provided by us on or on our behalf, and communicate with you to arrange the provision of such services and products
  • Help run and improve our accounts, services and products- ones we’ve provided before, now or in the future
  • Create statistics, test our computer systems, create profiles and marketing opportunities, and analyse customer information. To do these things, we might use information about what you buy from us and how you pay for it. For example, what level of cover you have, and what discounts we have offered you.
  • Help prevent and detect debt, fraud and loss
  • Train our staff
  • Get in touch with you about products and services that we are offering. This could be by email, phone text, multimedia message or post

2.2 We may also monitor and record any communication we have with you, like phone conversations and emails. This is just to make sure we’re providing you with a good service and meeting our regulatory and legal responsibilities

  1. How we’ll get in touch

We’ll use the contact information you have given us when we need to get in touch. We might email you, give you a ring, send a text, use another form of electronic communication, or send you a letter or information leaflet. We might even visit you in person.

If we’re getting in touch to tell you about offers, we’ll try and use your preferred contact method. We can stop sending you these offers at any time though; you just have to contact us to request this.       

  1. Passing your information on

4.1 We may allow other people and organisations to use your information. Why?

  • To give you the services you have asked for, which might include giving information to members of your family, household, anyone acting on your behalf, or other people who have an interest (like your landlord or letting agent)
  • As part of any loyalty or reward schemes
  • To carry out credit reference checks
  • To help find and prevent debt, fraud or loss (by passing your information on to a credit reference agency, for example).
  • To transfer any unpaid debt to another organisation- we’ll give them details about you and that debt

4.2 We will not transfer your data outside the EU. If this was to change, we would notify you in advance, along with the reasons why.

4.3 If we think that you, or anyone in your house, may need extra care (because of age, health, or disability for example), we may record this in our records. We’ll use this information if we feel it is in your vital interests to share with any support organisations such as healthcare organisations, charities, or social services.

4.4 We may also be required to be pass on data to organisations that supervise or regulate the industry. We will try and give anonymised data as much as possible, but in some circumstances, it may be necessary to provide personal information.


  1. Protecting your information

We do everything we can to protect your personal data. This includes training our staff to follow our security procedures (like checking your identity when you call us), ensuring all information you enter on our website is done over a secure connection, and storing your data on a system that complies with all laws, regulations and contractual requirements related to information security