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We want all our clients to be successful and that includes ensuring they have a stable and fully-functioning IT system.


As part of our service we will carry out a full network audit of your existing IT and provide an independent assessment of its reliability, security and compatibility with future.plans

An annual ‘MoT’ inspection of your system by our technical team could prevent major financial problems in the future and increase productivity.

We provide 3 levels of audit:


Gold Audit £770

The Gold audit focuses first and foremost on the stability and security of your systems. It ensures that you are not at risk of losing your data through hardware failure or from viruses and hackers. In addition, it looks at how your high-level systems in order to identify improvements that can easily made to your efficiency.

The audit is most suitable for companies that are not sure if they are protected from the risks IT can pose


Platinum Audit £1540

A Platinum audit contains all the elements of the Gold audit but with additional focus on Strategy and communications. Most companies do not use their IT systems to their best effect and by identifying how systems can changed to allow for more efficient working of the whole business. This can be anything from identifying training needs to demonstrating the benefits of remote working solutions including blackberries and VoIP telephony.

This audit is most suitable for companies whose IT systems have grown organically and may require optimization to ensure the best benefit is being drawn from the investment.


Diamond Audit £2310

The diamond audit contains all the elements of the platinum audit, in addition it focuses much more on the what ifs and helps you to plan for in detail for.

This audit is most suitable for companies who even the smallest amount of downtime is hugely costly and where all possible eventualities need to be planned for.


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