Server Support & Installation

Worried about the state of health of your Server?

Is your Server about to fail? Is your Server secure?

We can do a remote or onsite FREE 1-hour HealthCheck and send you the results


Server Installation

Don’t have a Server but not sure if you need a server?

If you are finding staff are struggling to share documents and have come up with their own workaround, such as emailing each other or worse using USB Pen drives, it’s time to have a think.

Keen to promote flexible and remote working for your staff or perhaps opening a second office or branch?

Then there are about 3 or 4 Server options we can recommend and install

Replacing a Server?

Is your Server old and need to be replaced?

Important announcement: Microsoft Server 2008 is end of life 19th January 2020, after this time no more support or security updates.

Broadly speaking, most businesses get 5 years life from a server, however considering replacing the Server BEFORE it packs in.

Generally, servers are well behaved if setup properly.

For yours and our peace of mind, we monitor Servers 24×7 with any flagged-up problems such as low disk space or hack in attempts – being immediately logged on our helpdesk.


Worried about downtime, we offer 2 guarantees

  1. Firstly, any install of new Servers we always do out of hours i.e. weekends
  2. Secondly, the backup solution we recommend keeps you up and running if your server fails at any point during the year

We install and support many types of Servers

  • File Servers
  • Email Servers
  • Remote Desktop Servers
  • CITRIX Servers
  • Application Servers

Every server we recommend is well spec’d for its job, to ensure you get as many sensible years out of your IT spend.

We mainly work with Dell and HP

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